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There is a beauty in you – a hidden beauty which needs to be highlighted, touched up and emphasized. Let us reveal it, and increase its natural potential.

Your face is a masterpiece of unique features. Your eyebrows are the frames to the masterpiece. We specialize in Microblading – creating exceptionally beautiful eyebrows! With perfect symmetry, neatness, and clear, defined lines, perfectly suited to your face, beauty preferences, and lifestyle.

But you deserve even more. That’s why we also perform other beauty treatments – eyeliner and lip tint, hairline treatments, face lifting, lash lift and waxing. An EdgeBrows beauty treatment is only finished when you are completely satisfied with your appearance.

Find us in San Francisco and let’s reveal the beauty in you.


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 What is Microblading?



Microblading is a process of semi-permanent technique for drawing eyebrows by hand. The treatment involves inserting pigment into the skin, while the shape of the brow is calculated based on the golden ratio. This ensures a perfect brow-to-face symmetry. The procedure is completely quick, easy and painless. The semi-permanent nature also means it can be retouched and redone later to suit your new style.


 Benefits of Microblading


Eyebrow microblading is the most desired semi-permanent makeup trend in the world. It is a safe and effective method available for women who want to achieve the full eyebrow look – without the hassle of doing makeup every morning.


Save Time in The Morning


Natural Looking Eyebrows


Sessions Take 2 Hours


Painless Procedure


 About Diana,

Diana is a triple-certified brow artist specializing in microblading, microshading, and semi-permanent makeup. In addition to PhiBrows certification, she also got certified at the iBrow Institute in Seoul, Korea’s premier Brow Academy.

Her expertise developed into a style that incorporates artistry with precision resulting in natural and youthful appearance.As a full service beauty practitioner, Diana is also a seasoned facial and body waxing therapist. She is certified in the elite Lycon’s Precision Waxing techniques – internationally recognized with the reputation as the Crème de la Crème of hair removal around the world. You will leave with immaculate results from a virtually pain-free treatment.


Our Clients Say


Sarah Roth

“I had a fantastic experience with Diana! My treatment was nearly painless & it exceeded my expectations. I’ll be back for my retouch soon”


Mai Lin

“I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do my eyebrows – Diana’s skills are amazing! I got so many compliments. My new brows suit me perfectly!”


Reach Your Ideal Beauty,
We Microblade to that Effect 


Highlight your beauty with a precisely designed look. Visit us in San Francisco and discuss your desired style with our technicians. And in just a few sessions, we will reveal your beauty and make you irresistible.